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Music meditation CD

Try this out and make music meditation a relaxing and harmonizing part of your everyday life. This method has been developed by American scientists. Hundreds of thousands of people around the world benefit from this simple and easily accessible method. Music meditation balances the activities of both sides of the brain and allows your brain to function more keenly while also honing your problem solving capacity.
This is one reason why many Fortune 500 corporate leaders meditate on a regular basis.

Find out more about this revolutionary way of meditation and download a free test version!


Heart cards

You will gain strength and inspiration from the heart cards. There are 40 different encouraging 'empowerment phrase' cards. Pick a card and inspire yourself and discover more about yourself.



"I know that which I focus my attention on will increase in my life!"

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The creative 'busy-bee' Gunilla

Gunilla has her own unique way of spicing things up! Clients have said that our creative 'busy-bee' has a unique way of weaving her magic and making guests and hosts at a function feel relaxed and at ease. Gunilla's infectious charm inspires people to get to know each other.


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A Diary of Gratitude

Keep a diary of gratitude and journey towards more satisfaction and conscious self-knowledge. At the end of the day, focus your attention on the important issues of the day. Learn to see the good in yourself and to see the things which already exist and for which you can be grateful, as well as the things with which you need support and advice.


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