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Who we are

Päivi Rautiainen and her ten-person creative team.

Päivi Rautiainen: A stimulating person who inspires. She is a creative coach with ample professionalism, experience and keenness to succeed. Her genuine and easy-going style brings to the courses the courage to participate and take on board new energy. She inspires towards success which helps people reach greater heights.

Päivi has held company training courses since 1997.


This is how it all began....

In 1969, in Ostrobothnia, the division of the company was already very clear: Petteri would handle all the dry and heavy tasks and I would have all the fun and drink soft drinks...

My fourth ‘child' was born in 2000. The idea came about at a time when I was in art therapy training. It was sparked by the thought of realising oneself through the joy of painting, which was so wonderful that it had to be harnessed for use in the corporate world - in which I was already trained as a skilled coach. The vision of Creative Workshops was so powerful, and I was so passionate about the idea, that I had no doubts about whether or not it would work. I knew that this was what I was meant to do!The first client was the petrol company Esso's international marketing team.

By the year 2007, we had held over 600 workshops according to an old Ostrobothnian motto about modesty:
"We strove for the average, yet we achieved excellence nevertheless!"

Päivi Rautiainen